Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards

A Tarot Card Reading can give you answers to questions about your life, relationship or career. Our Practitioner can help you find the answers to your really tough questions, including “Will I find my true love” or “Is my job the best I can find”.

Tarot Cards are used as an aid in coming to contact with one’s Higher Self, allowing discovery of hidden answers or feelings which the cards help unveil. As with any service, results may vary for each user. We are simply here to interpret the information the cards have found and positioned as the question is asked and focused upon. Most questions are given direct answers, allowing you to decide the correct course you should journey.

We have different kinds of Tarot Card Decks, we have a specific deck for Relationship/Love Questions and problems, one for general life or work questions and our Angelic Deck which are used for Health problems. Using the different Decks gives an even more accurate and direct answer to your questions.

Each of our Practitioners has many decades of experience interpreting the Cards, answering questions dealing with babies, jobs, moving out of state, promotions, feelings of regret, loss, infidelity, and even where did I put that item. We are confident we can help you get the answers or direction to your toughest problems.

We will give you one question free when you come in for an appointment or call/Skype with us!

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