What are Readings?

Readings are tools to help you find direction in your career, relationships, and life. Through a psychic reading, you can find the answer to a pressing question, gain clarity about a relationship problem or find out why you are struggling to move forward. The insights you gain will depend on the question you want to be answered and the type of reading you choose.

The practitioners here at the Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago are skilled in every kind of reading—aura, clairvoyant, tarot, crystal ball, palmistry, past life regression—so that we can offer you guidance in every area of life. Our head psychic is a fifth-generation clairvoyant who can provide you with guidance in all areas of your life. Since we believe in the importance of educating our clients, we’ll explain the purpose of each type of reading to you if you don’t know which is best to answer your question.

Our readings range from 15 minutes to over an hour. The length of the reading will depend on how much detailed information you wish for. We also offer combined readings to give you deeper insights into your path. You can choose what types of readings you’d like to combine or allow us to choose for you so that you gain detailed answers to your biggest questions about your love life, career path, and future milestones in your life.

What you gain from reading are insights that can help you to make better-informed decisions about your future.

Readings Available


Aura Reading

Clairvoyant Reading

Crystal Ball Reading

Crystal Energy Reading

Dream Interpretation

Live Reading


Palm Reading

Past Life Reading & Regression

Pet Reading

Psychic Reading

Tarot Card Reading

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