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Master Clairvoyant & Spiritual Healer

Faith is a naturally gifted psychic, fifth-generation healer, and life coach based in Chicago with more than 25 years of experience. She is the director and head practitioner of Astrology and Crystals Alternative Psychic Healing Center of Chicago.


Born in Chicago, within a family of gifted healers and seers, she’s been helping others since she was a child. Faith became aware of her gift for clairvoyance at a young age. She began giving readings in the waiting room of her mom’s business. That’s when she first felt a calling to help others in every area of their lives.

The strong sense of calling she felt is what motivated her to travel around the world to spiritual sites such as Mount Shastathe Grand Canyon, Mount Mauna Kea, and Stonehenge. She used her travels to gain a deeper understanding of her gifts and the spiritual world. Through her experiences and training, she has developed her own healing methods and innovative techniques. Her unique approach to healing and emphasis on educating visitors is what sets Astrology and Crystals apart. 

When she uses her psychic gifts, her mission is to offer you advice and guidance on life’s toughest questions about health, wealth, and relationships. She can also sever cords, remove blocks of negative energy from your life, or set you free from a negative entity or spirits. Her goal as a healer is to offer you alternatives to medications by focusing on naturally balancing and healing your mind, body, and spirit.

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Faith at Stonehenge.

Faith’s list of credentials is long: Certified Color Therapist and Biopulsar Analyst, Trained Medical Intuitive, Holistic Aura Counsellor, Zenith Practicer, Crystal Light Therapist (Levels I & II Reiki Master), and Chromalive Therapist. Throughout her practice, she had taken courses in aromatherapy, gemstones, healing, and energy medicine.

Many people also seek out her guidance as a life coach and business coach. She has been a corporate consultant with Nordstrom, Clairol, and Self Magazine.


Services she offers include Chakra TuningAura CleansingClairvoyant/Psychic Readings, Medium Work, Attunement of the Spirit, Past Life Regression, and Coaching. She also offers custom compatibility charts based on numerologyastrology, and her psychic intuition. For a full list of the services and readings she offers, contact her directly!

If you are seeking guidance, balance, or healing, contact Faith to learn more or set up an appointment!


Psychic & Healer

Amber is a third-generation psychic, energy healer, and astrologist. At the age of five, she became strongly aware of her gift of clairvoyance. She developed a passion for helping others gain a sense of direction as her gifts developed. The Greek blood flowing through her veins has given her a strong connection to her astrology and Greek Mythology. 

Many people also seek out Amber for her talent as an energy healer. She specializing in offering Chakra Tunings that leaves you with peace of mind, validation, insight, and a strong connection to the spiritual world. 


Professor Bi Nah

BioPulsar Therapy Specialist & Light Healer

Professor Bi Nah has been a healer for more than 30 years in different areas including Light Therapy and Meditation. He is a pioneer in the field of Bio-Pulsar Reflexology. That is why he is the primary provider of Bio-Pulsar Therapy at Astrology and Crystals.

Through Bio-Pulsar Therapy therapy, he helps people see what is blocking their energy flow and opens their chakras and auras. The service he provides can help you find relief from illness and freedom from bad energy. 

*Only available by appointment.