Numerology is the study of numbers and how they show certain character tendencies as part of the cosmic plan. Using the sum of your birth date and the value derived from the letters in your name many things can be discovered by a Numerologist.

Our Practitioners are skilled in numerology and can find out things such as when you will marry, travel, change jobs, have a child or even when to invest your money. We are here to answer your questions about love, career or health.

Numbers have vibrations that match your Mind, Body and Spirit in some way or another. For a lack of a better term, frequency comes from the numbers you are given by the Universe. This frequency then plays a very integral part in your life, both physical and spiritual. You will be tied to these numbers forever, having been tied to them in the past for some reason or another. They are a part of your whole-being.

A very important part of numerology is the ability to determine your Life Path, what the Universe has in store for you. This is done by adding up the digits of your birth date, as seen in the image. A gifted numerologist will be able to take these numbers, some others and be able to tell you if your relationship, career or even place of living is the one for you.

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