Crystal Ball Readings

Crystal ball reading in Chicago, IL

Crystal Ball Reading, or scrying, has been used for thousands of years. Scrying is defined as looking into a reflective surface to seek mystical answers. The images or emotions the Crystal Ball brings to the user are not the foretelling of the future, but the subconscious mind showing what is truly wanted or desired as well as needed at that time.

Understanding Crystal Ball Readings

Understanding that difference between telling the future and seeing what you really are in need of at that moment is key to unlocking the Crystal Ball’s powers. It is a great tool that can show you the desire or outcome of events you seek, clearly and without a filter.

When the images or emotions do appear to you, take a mental note of them and finish the reading. The images alone may not make sense that the time they appear, you need to see the entire reading’s outcome to finally understand your Self’s true goal or need. Once the image fades out of focus, blink your eyes and get ready to see another image.

While the Crystal Ball Reading is being done, keep your mind open to the Metaphysical Plane and open to any image, outcome, or direction the Ball may show you. The representation of the images or emotions you will see is your being’s innermost wants or desires.

When you leave the Crystal Ball Reading you may have questions about the images or phrases you have found, but remember they are your subconscious telling you what it is you truly want. Decifering these images may take some time, but that is all part of the Reading. You will learn the answers they unlock at the time you are ready to receive the answer, no sooner. This is the Universe working its magic and helping you find the path you are supposed to be on.

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