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Are you looking for a tarot or psychic reading to answer big questions about your life? Or a meditation practice and tools to reduce your stress or increase your energy and focus?

If you are, we can help you at the Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago! Our goal is to help others find healing, guidance, and insight. We provide a range of psychic readings, along with palm reading, to guide you in your life, relationships, and career. We also offer many holistic services and products to help you find healing, balance, or inner peace.  

Education is a fundamental part of our mission because we want to empower you. We teach all of our visitors about the psychic methods, healing techniques, crystals, and other meditation tools that we offer. You should walk away understanding how to apply the reading to your life or continue your healing at home. This is why we include chakra crystals, essential oils, and other meditation aids with many of our services. Whether you get our exclusive products in person or online, you’ll receive guidance about how to use them on your own. 


Psychic Reading

Readings can help you to understand your universe and how you play a role in it. A psychic reading helps you discover more about the world around you than you can see yourself. In this 40-minute intuitive psychic reading, we will explore your past, what’s present in your life now, and potential future, as well as provide you with any clarification and answer any questions.

ONLY $75

Chakra Balancing Package

Renew your energy and find balance with a chakra alignment. You’ll leave this private chakra balancing session feeling rejuvenated. Includes:

  • A private, one-on-one session with aromatherapy
  • Crystal and one additional chakra alignment aide of your choice!

ONLY $299

More than 60% Off the regular price. Available for first-time customers.

Aura Cleansing Package

Shed bad energy and help your body return to its natural state. You’ll leave this session feeling lighter with the tools you need to stay free of baggage. Includes:

  • A private, one-on-one session
  • A meditation package with crystals, essential oils, and more!

ONLY $325

More than 45% Off the regular price. Available for first-time customers.

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Our director, Faith, is a fifth-generation spiritual healer and psychic who has traveled the world to deepen her knowledge and practice. She has brought other genuine clairvoyants and trained spiritual healers to our center because she believes it is essential to fulfilling our mission. We have more than 50 years of wisdom between us. You can have confidence that we will help you find an answer to a pressing question in your life or a new path forward towards health. You can see what others are saying about us on Google!

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Psychic Readings

You are the master of your world with good psychic readings will prepare you. You can choose from 3 psychic readings each one will tell you about yourself

$10 present tells about what’s going on in your life right now

$25 past and present tell about what happened in your past and present

$65 past, present, and future psychic reading tells about your past situations current situation, and what your future holds for you.

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For guidance and questions please call us at: (773)-596-9902


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