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The Love Ritual Which Really Works…. We Guarantee It to Work for You!

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Have you been searching for love, a partner for life, that special someone? We are here to help you find that person with our Love Ritual. If you follow our instructions, meditations, and guidelines YOU too will find the love of your life. Maybe your current relationship feeling distant, are you putting more energy into your love than before? The Love Ritual will help you to become one again, just like when you first met and fell in love. By tuning the lover’s frequency so they are matched the couple will be able to overcome any obstacle in their way from happiness and true love. When bodies are tuned to the same frequency the vibrations are harmonious and everything about your relationship will become more symbiotic. Keep that loving feeling with your partner and rekindle the lost love you once cherished together.

Using a mixture of different tools, we will determine your best course of action and give you a guided list of goals, changes, and even suggestions to help you find that lost love. Everyone deserves to be happy and loved, why not find the person you can grow old with, while you’re still young!

Before your first visit

Before you arrive for your first visit with The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago, please do the following “Homework”. We need you to compile a list of positive attributes and traits you want your love to have. Basically, if you could create your true love, what would they be like, how would they look, act, what beliefs would you want them to bring to your relationship? These are very important items, as the Universe listens to your wants and will provide you with what you seek, only if you ask.


The next “Homework” item will be to list all of the negative aspects of your life which may be keeping you from meeting the One True Love. These can be work, home, or health-related blocks that you feel are keeping you from finding any hope of love. No matter how small the blockage, we need to know about it. If your working 100 hours a week, you have been hurt before or you have no vehicle we need to be told about it.

To begin your treatment, you must complete an evaluation with one of our Practitioners. This will include an Aura Reading, possible cleansing, and Psychic imprint. We will then take this information and decide the next step from one of many possibilities. Everyone is different, we have all lived and survived many differences, no two people will have the same steps in finding their love, but many will be similar. You are a unique person, with a personality and being that has culminated from your life’s experiences. These will shine through with one of our readings and allow us an insight into the subconscious being you are. Only then can we determine the best course for you to follow.

Have to Believe

Many people do not believe in True Love, you must believe in order to successfully find the love of your life. Having hope is something that only Human Beings have, and for good reason. We are able to seek happiness and gain the comfort of others through this hope. Believe in True Love and it will start to hear your calls.


Success in your journey quest will be reliant on YOU as a being. Bringing your Mind, Body, and Spirit in tune with your journey will not be an easy task. It will require you to meditate, change your diet, or even your habits. This is a life-changing journey and as with everything worth having, will take commitment and determination from you. Bringing your “A” Game will only get you so far, you must become the journey and to do so will require immersion into the path and steps needed to achieve True Love.

Our Practitioners are keen to help you find that love and determined to help you keep them. Our plans are proven to work and we guarantee it!

find out more on our next steps and how we can help you find the love of your life, call us at 773.596.9902 or stop in our Diversey Parkway location in Chicago. We look forward to helping you in this important and life-changing journey!

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