Pet Readings

Through a strong empathic connection with animals, our practitioners are able to connect with your pet and help find the answer to your questions. A pet reading includes a mix of Tarot, Psychic and Intuitive methods to form a connection to your animal in order to speak for them. If you have a missing Pet, we may be able to connect with them and tell you where they are currently, assisting your recovery of your lost furry family member.

Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking? How they like the food you feed them? Or maybe how much they truly love you? We will answer these questions and more with a Pet Reading at The Psychic Alternative Healing Center of Chicago. Call today and ask for a Pet Reading. You will love the information you gain from just one session!

Find out why your pet behaves the way it does, any living thing can communicate with other life forces. The ability is in everyone, you simply have to be trained to unlock your full potential. If you are concerned or have questions, or even just are a bit curious to what your pet is thinking, call use today to schedule a reading.

Your pet does not have to be present for the reading to be effective, simply bring a toy or article of clothing they have worn more than a few times and the connection can be built. This is how we can find your lost pet, using a strong psychic connection that all life forces give off and tuning in to the frequency your pet vibrates at we will be able to find the lost pet.

Contact us to schedule a pet reading! 773.596.9902