Past Life Reading & Regression

Our Practitioners are gifted in seeing the energy your life force has, this is a road map of where you have been through all of time. A Past Life Reading is given when a person simply wants answers to why they are in a rut, or having the same issues time and time again. Using a Past Life Regression will bring you into that life force resonating the past through hypnosis and meditation techniques. Depending on how deep you wish to venture into your past, the sessions can become very long and drain energy from both Practitioner and Client.

The ability of the Psychic Connection to your life force is critical to the success and depth of the reading or regression. If you have reservations or negative energy around you the regression may not work, and a reading will only give little data. A level of awareness and open minded thoughts are to be in your mind prior to the appointment. You must feel the connection to your energy.

Past Life information may also be revealed during a tarot card, palm reading, or psychic reading. If the vibration is strong the Practitioner will sense and interpret it. Our Clairvoyant Practitioners often see past life information in aura or chakra readings also.

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