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Using your natural senses of smell, touch, and hearing, Healing Bio-Energy therapy will teach you how to relax, overcome and participate more by relieving tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleeplessness, and helping you to overcome obesity, sexual troubles, boost your immune system, and give you the self-confidence and awareness you are lacking in your work and personal life. The therapy session can include an amethyst energy bed, healing sounds, crystals, chakra bowls with gemstone handles, aromatherapy, and will give you the ability to perform relaxing meditation in your office or home by teaching you how to achieve a relaxed state of mind, body, and spirit.

Please wear loose-fitting clothes.

Benefits of Bio-Energy Healing

NO COLOR = Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystal energy only:


Use these low settings to enjoy the health benefits of negative ions and amethyst crystal, with minimal far-infrared heat. These are the ideal settings for a good, regenerative night’s sleep, and are excellent to use on a nightly basis, with cumulative health benefits.

1. Use for minimal far infrared, negative ion + amethyst energetics
2. Promotes deeply regenerative sleep +/or anytime pick-me-ups
3. Provides all-purpose cellular renewal
4. Clears energy blockages
5. Relieves chronic symptoms (i.e. migraines)
6. Uplifts and revitalizes body, mind, spirit
7. The Green Settings have a cooling effect on body temperature, so these settings can be refreshing and energizing for rest in hot weather, or for any overheating conditions.
8. This setting also provides wonderful health benefits for those who wish to begin their biomass health program cautiously, such as those with any high-risk, pacemaker, heart condition, or sensitivity to detoxification.


Yellow Settings are ideal to use on a daily basis for relaxation, and as an adjunct to healing modalities such as massage therapy, acupuncture, restorative yoga, and physical therapies. In addition, these settings can also be used as a great “warm-up” prior to yoga, performance, and athletic activities.

1. Safe for extended use
2. Companion for flexibility training, physical therapies + rehab
3. Speeds sports, muscle + injury recovery, and healing
4. May stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar + glandular functions
5. Relieve allergy + asthma + promotes respiratory health


1. Gradually increase duration from 15 min. to 1-2 hour sessions
2. Promotes soothing comfort, pain relief + profound relaxation
3. Unwinds chronic stress, tension + anxiety
4. Relieves insomnia + physio-emotional trauma
5. Enhances circulation, hormonal balance + sexual vitality


The high-temperature settings indicated by the red lights are best used for 20-60 minute “Treatment” Sessions. This is the most therapeutic setting for deep purification and detoxification. For the deeply-purifying biomat sauna, cover the body with a towel, and then on top of that, add several natural fiber heavy blankets. biomat high-heat sessions are superb for relieving pain, stress, jet lag, hangover, flu, etc. In other words, is also a great first-aid device for winter maladies such as frostbite and winter chills. (Allow 20 minutes for the Biomat to heat up to the higher-heat settings.)

1. Up to one hour daily of sauna-level cleansing sessions
2. Detoxifying for toxic, viral, cystic, acidic + endemic conditions
3. Restorative support for metabolic, organ + nerve functions
4. Accelerates fat + cellulite-burning and natural weight loss
5. Supports all-around immunity, prevention + regeneration 6. Sanitizes + purifies the air, bedding + environments

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