Key Reason to Use Tri-Salts

Helps maintian optimum ph level in the body, preventing acidic and sick cells

Alkalizing mineral blend contributes to the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases

Increase your body’s electrolytes to help combat heart disease, cancer, etc.

Acts on the cellular level of your whole metabolism

Hydrates by stabilizing the acid-base balance in the body

Reduces and impedes premature aging of the face

Use Tri-Salts for the Following:

high acid/phlegm, exhaustion and tiredness, SAD, depression, irritability, obesity, adrenal fatigue, mood swings, diabetes, muscle cramps, dehydration, constipation, food allergies, acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, heart irregularities, memory problems, osteoporosis, headaches, cystitis, loss of skin elasticity, dry skin