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How do Tarot Cards Work?

You see it all the time in movies, on TV, or at local fairs and festivals- a person laying out Tarot cards from a deck, giving a client a psychic reading based on his or her card placement. But how do Tarot cards really work? Here is a quick breakdown of what Tarot is, how […]

Astrology Signs and Traits- Everything Your Sign Says About You

What’s your sign? We know, that may sound like a cheesy pickup line, but actually, your astrology sign reveals a lot about your personality, characteristics, and traits that make you who you are. Look for your sign below and see if you see a little bit of yourself in the description. You might be blown […]

Benefits of a House Cleansing Session

Unusual noises such as footsteps and knocking, inexplicably hot or cold areas in a room, whispers or cries with no apparent source- it sounds like the stuff of horror movies, but for many people it can be all too real. If you have recently moved and are experiencing any of these eerie phenomena, your home […]