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You see it all the time in movies, on TV, or at local fairs and festivals- a person laying out Tarot cards from a deck, giving a client a psychic reading based on his or her card placement. But how do Tarot cards really work? Here is a quick breakdown of what Tarot is, how the cards affect the reading, and the underlying supernatural elements behind every tarot reading.
What is Tarot? A deck of Tarot cards is made up of 78 different cards, each one with a different meaning that relates to an aspect of life.

When a psychic does a tarot reading, the cards are shuffled and then spread out in a pattern on the table. Each position on the table relates to a facet of life, such as the recent past, or the near future. The tarot reader will analyze the meaning of the cards as they correspond to the position they are in, giving the client information about what the cards are suggesting about their current situation in life. What do the Tarot cards mean? The meaning of each Tarot card can vary from person to person; in fact, the meaning behind each Tarot card is dependent upon what position it occupies on the table.

A psychic uses the Tarot cards simply as a tool to gain greater insight into a person’s psyche in order to read them more clearly; in this way, it is not the meaning of the cards themselves, but the seemingly “random” way they presented themselves in the pattern that makes each card meaningful.
Interpreting Tarot cards- By understanding the implications and meanings behind each Tarot card as it is placed in a random manner, a psychic can better interpret the pattern in which they were spread.

The placement of each Tarot card can offer a fresh perspective on a problem that the client is facing, or answer a question that has been weighing on their mind, simply by being analyzed and interpreted by a reader, as this forces the client to think “outside the box” in terms of their own lives and discover insightful new ways of looking at a situation they are in.

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