Neroli 10%




High quality 100% pure essential oils.

Inspiring, Creativity, Confidence Neroli was esteemed by the Egyptian people for its great abilities to heal the body, mind and spirit. Valuable in skin care for scars, stretch marks, sensitive skin and wrinkles as it promotes the growth of healthy new cells. Neroli can be used as a sedative, soothing tonic, and as a restorative oil. Helpful for insomnia, nervous tension and skin care. Great in perfumes and is known as a sensual and euphoric oil. Used for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, shock and other stress related or emotional problems as it helps to bring focus to the present moment. Instills a feeling of peace and decreases feelings of sorrow. Neroli contains regenerative properties and helps reshape the aura after illness or accidents.
(.35oz/10ml bottle)


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