Meridian sound essence oils




A collection of all of the Meridian Sound Essence Oils:

Earth Meridian Sound Essence
Earth Element – Sympathy/Empathy Meridian Sound Essence 15 ml Vial
Spleen- Integrity
The Spleen Meridian regulates body chemistry. The Spleen Meridian Sound Essence offers the capacity for enthusiasm and discernment. The Spleen Meridian Sound Essence helps the meridian to be consistently fueled to maintain consistent speed to maintain optimum energy levels for all the body’s regulatory mechanisms, including blood sugar levels.
Stomach – Discernment
The Stomach meridian facilitates reception on all levels. It transports safe substance or thought through the system but if the substance or thought is harmful, the stomach meridian escorts it harmlessly out of the system. The Stomach Meridian Sound Essence facilitates the wisdom to discern and decide how to best handle the substance.
Fire – Ministerial Meridian Sound Essence

Fire – Sovereign Meridian Sound Essence
Fire Element – Joy/Love
Ministerial Fire Meridian Sound Essence 15ml Vial
Circulation/ Sex – Trust in Own Instincts
The Circulation/Sex meridian supports us in transformation. Life is a process of accumulation; accumulation of experience and reaction, which builds up in responsive ability and leaves a residue. The Circulation/Sex Meridian Sound Essence has the capacity for cleaning and clearing this residue through the pro-creative and circulatory systems.
Triple Warmer – Encouragement
The Triple Warmer is the meridian that facilitates the coordinated action of all 520 hormones in the body. The hormonal system is constantly adjusting to accommodate shifts in the internal and external environment. Without coordination, these hormones send out mismatched messages or signals to various organs and systems. The Triple Warmer Meridian Sound Essence provides a constant ray of light bringing the hormones i


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