Morning star lavender incense




Versatile, high quality lavender is used by Morning Star Lavender Incense in its traditional Japanese Incense. Lavender is commonly used in homes. It’s excellent for children and lavender also is widely respected for its cooling and reviving effect on inner well being. Morning Star Lavender Incense is extremely calming. Morning Star Lavender Incense is stick-less and comes with a porcelain incense holder in a box of 50 sticks. NOTE: The Hindi and Thai languages refer to a certain type of Incense as morningstar (all one word), which is a droop or toop type of stick incense.

This is not the same as our Morning Star Lavender Incense, which is a Koh Incense, meaning high quality. All of Morning Star Incense is the highest quality and known as such all over the world.
Morning Star Lavender Incense comes in a box of 50 Sticks.
Morning Star Lavender Incense also comes with a porcelain Incense holder…a real bonus!


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