Crystal Energy Reading

crystal energy healing

A Crystal Energy Reading is a tool to determine if your energy fields are out of focus and re-align your natural energy points.

Crystals are natural rock formations which are created by lava, water deposits, or within the Earth through pressure or friction. The unique property of some crystals allows them to store or harness energy. This is how Crystal Energy Readings and Healing is able to be done. Using the correct frequency of Crystals, our Practitioners will help you balance your life, love or career with ease.

Through a Crystal Energy Reading and Healing, we can help you find the energy you lost, or the loved one who is still out there. Our readings will include soothing sounds, aromatherapy and, of course, the appropriate crystals to allow you to feel better.

We will suggest tools or diets to allow you to re-align your energy fields. Our store is available with lots of tools to give you a boost in your treatment of unbalanced energy. Crystal Energy Readings and Healings go very well with our Reiki Therapy.

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